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Illuminati and Freemasons

This is something that bugged me around the second time I heard a song titled Ill-m-i by TobyMac. It starts out

Ill-m-i, Ill-m-i, Ill-m-i, Ill-m-i, and you
Illuminati coming through.

and it bugs me, because why, is TobyMac, a Christian singer songwriter, writing a song about the Illuminati, they were a group bent on overthrowing the church and government and creating a New World Order. Why does he sing of such a group? It makes no sense. And when you go searching for the answer to that question, nothing, nothing but a mention of it, and some tv host being mad that TobyMac wouldn’t be on his show. I’ve found the answer that TobyMac is not a member of the Illuminati, but that’s it, that’s all I’ve found.

So, If anyone can tell me why TobyMac sings about the Illuminati, that would be wonderful.


Now, what does that have to do with Freemasons? Well, at one point, the two were working together for a time.

Freemasons are a pretty cool group of guys, (with the occasional girl who managed to get herself in(they’re not allowed)) One of the requirements to become a Freemason, is you must believe in a greater being, aka God, but other than that, the religion doesn’t matter, they are a religiously tolerant group of people, they’re also racially tolerant, allowing African-Americans into their group like a decade before rest of America. The Freemasons were all for abolition. And the Women have their own version of Freemasonry, don’t worry.
The majority of Freemasons are what are called Deists. They believe in a God, but what God did was create the world and has just watched it. Think of the world as a clock and God as a clockmaker. The burning bush? The clockmaker was fixing a catch in his clock. That’s what all those miracles and such are, just the clockmaker fixing a problem in his clock. In this case, he is known as The Grand Architect.
Now, in one of the book series I’ve been reading, is about this kid who is chosen as the heir of the Grand Architect and how this kid has to defeat the guards of the seven key’s (Monday through Sunday.) All this aside, my question is: Is the author, Garth Nix, a Freemason?

Questions, questions, and no answers. Have an answer for me? please tell me, I’d like to know.


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